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Brett’s Workplace Story

An example of the workplace storytelling videos I produced at Avanoo. My team and I created hundreds of these stories annually. My role typically spanned production management, direction, interviewing, and rough-cut editing.

Avanoo UX Writing – “StoryWizard”

I conceived of, designed, and wrote the UX copy for this “StoryWizard” form, which helped Avanoo collect hundreds (perhaps thousands) of meaningful true stories from employees throughout our client organizations. Form submissions were used to evaluate which stories would meet each organization’s strategic needs and translate most compellingly to video, and served as a blueprint to streamline the interviewing & editing process on the way to a final video. Copy & Redesign

In late 2019 I led a complete refresh of Avanoo’s website. I wrote & edited all the copy, provided creative direction, and coordinated between engineering, content, marketing and web developer teams to assemble a compelling, streamlined top-of-funnel web presence that aligned with the company’s brand and business strategy.

This Insanely Hard, Self-Driving Robot Race Takes Place In A Parking Lot (Popular Science)

Sparkfun AVC - PopSci

Competitors present their self-driving bots for inspection at starting line of the 2015 Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition. Photo: Ted Burnham

In June 2015 I covered the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition for Popular Science. This was a multimedia commission for which I contributed a 1,000-word article, dozens of high-res photos, and several from-the-field Instagram posts.

See the article at

Astronomy Through the Ages (KGNU: How On Earth)

How On Earth, the KGNU science showAs producer and co-host this week, I interview two astronomers about the way technology has changed the study of stars throughout history, and what new technologies and trends mean for astronomical research today and into the future. Dr. John Bally is a professor of astronomy at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Dr. Seth Hornstein is the director of CU’s Sommers-Bausch Observatory.

Astronomy Through the Ages