Spectrum Content Design – “WiFi Installation Guide”

Layout for a quad-fold instruction booklet for a Spectrum WiFi router and modem. It's been marked up with copy changes in red, comments and visual suggestions in orange.
Whenever I’m marking up a draft, I always try to provide clear, detailed guidance and explain my reasoning for substantive changes.

Here’s an example of my content design process for Spectrum’s self-install kits. I collaborated with the Industrial Design team, product owners and visual designers to provide technical copy and design recommendations for many printed instruction booklets like this one.

My copy changes were based on clarity, grammar and use of the Spectrum brand voice and style guide. I was constantly thinking about the interplay between text and visuals, and suggesting ways they could work together to help a person receiving each kit to digest the information. I also had to consider the overall customer journey in an ecosystem where people would often move from printed instructions to an app or website to finish setting up their equipment.