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Open-Source Bluetooth 5 Beacon: RuuviTag
Postscapes, 2016/07/11

Ayla IoT platform raises $39M
Postscapes, 2016/06/30

Bluetooth 5 to give IoT a signal boost
Postscapes, 2016/06/21

This tiny robot really wants to push your buttons
Postscapes, 2016/05/27

Connected Pedal-Assist: FlyKly Smart Wheel
Postscapes, 2016/05/26

Social Network for Weather: Weathercloud
Postscapes, 2016/05/24

Tap-Sensing Smart Home Remote: Knocki
Postscapes, 2016/05/20

Nest releases open-source version of Thread protocol
Postscapes, 2016/05/17

Smart Cities Accelerator: Urban-X
Postscapes, 2016/05/13

Open-Source Building Automation: Supla
Postscapes, 2016/05/10

Lego-Compatible Smart Circuits: Brixo
Postscapes, 2016/05/09

“Snappy” Software-Defined Radio: LimeSDR
Postscapes, 2016/05/06

SAM Labs raises $4.6M to bring kid-friendly electronics kits to school
Postscapes, 2016/05/05

IoT Data Exchange: Artik Cloud
Postscapes, 2016/05/02

Physical Time-Tracker: Zei
Postscapes, 2016/04/27

Nokia to buy Withings for $192M
Postscapes, 2016/04/26

Helium raises $20M, announces new sensor and app
Postscapes, 2016/04/26

Universal IoT App: Thington
Postscapes, 2016/04/18

High-Fidelity Weather Sensor Networks: Understory
Postscapes, 2016/04/13

Revolv and the curse of the early adopter
Postscapes, 2016/04/08

Ambient Energy Harvesting: Freevolt
Postscapes, 2016/04/04

Cayenne project builder adds kick to IoT development, starting with Raspberry Pi
Postscapes, 2016/03/31

Smart Window Blind Retrofit: FlipFlic
Postscapes, 2016/03/30

Smart Water Quality Sensor & Filter: Ecomo
Postscapes, 2016/03/15

Brita’s Amazon-enabled Infinity Pitcher takes the thought out of buying new filters
Postscapes, 2016/03/02

Embedded Ideologies: Automato’s “Politics of Power”
Postscapes, 2016/02/24

Storing Data in a Living Plant
Postscapes, 2016/02/23

Wireless Soil Sensors: gThrive
Postscapes, 2016/02/16

Smart Home Hub: LG SmartThinQ
Postscapes, 2016/02/15

DIY Smart Mirrors
Postscapes, 2016/02/10

Cisco to acquire Jasper for $1.4B
Postscapes, 2016/02/08

Wireless Pool Monitor: Sutro
Postscapes, 2016/02/04

3D Motion-Capture Sensors: Notch
Postscapes, 2016/02/03

Wi-Fi Survival Rock: Keepalive
Postscapes, 2016/02/01

Earthquake Sensor & Warning Network: Grillo
Postscapes, 2016/01/29

BRCK stacks up $3M for rugged global connectivity
Postscapes, 2016/01/28

UK’s PETRA research hub will explore technical, ethical, social implications of the IoT
Postscapes, 2016/01/27

IoT Rules Engine: Stringify
Postscapes, 2016/01/25

Conductive Ink Tattoos: Tech Tats
Postscapes, 2016/01/22

The Emotional Music of Twitter: Social Vibes
Postscapes, 2016/01/21

Greenwave Systems cashes in on $60M investment
Postscapes, 2016/01/20

6LoWPAN Development Kit: Creator Ci40
Postscapes, 2016/01/14

Smart Smoking-Reduction Lighter: Quitbit
Postscapes, 2016/01/08

Water Monitor and Modular Product Kit: Droppler
Postscapes, 2016/01/06


Uber’s colorful solution to help riders and drivers spot each other
Postscapes, 2015/12/30

Grove-Compatible IoT Development Kit: Wio Link
Postscapes, 2015/12/23

Decentralized Smart Devices with Stephan Tual of Slock.it
Postscapes, 2015/12/23

Sensor-Packed Smart Home Hub: Matrix
Postscapes, 2015/12/15

Home Wi-Fi Mesh: Luma
Postscapes, 2015/12/11

Raspberry Pi Hardware Kit: Tingbot
Postscapes, 2015/12/08

The Internet of Underwater Things: SUNRISE
Postscapes, 2015/12/03

Prosthetic Robot Art Installation: Wing
Postscapes, 2015/12/01

Open-Source Agriculture: FarmBot
Postscapes, 2015/11/27

Open-Source Autonomous Tractor
Postscapes, 2015/11/25

Waste Collection Sensors: Compology
Postscapes, 2015/11/20

2015/16 IoT Awards – Nominations are open!
Postscapes, 2015/11/18

Festival & Convention Wearable: Sendrato
Postscapes, 2015/11/16

IoT Data Modeling and Remote Access with Clarke Stevens of UPnP Forum
Postscapes, 2015/11/13

BeeLine’s “fuzzy navigation” biking gadget is all about the journey
Postscapes, 2015/11/10

Programmable Shape-Changing Film: uniMorph
Postscapes, 2015/11/04

Cisco aims to put analytics at the “edge” with acquisition of ParStream
Postscapes, 2015/10/30

Smart Window Blinds: Axis Gear
Postscapes, 2015/10/28

Smart Garden Sensor: HUI!
Postscapes, 2015/10/21

Amazon adds IoT support to Amazon Web Services
Postscapes, 2015/10/19

Prempoint’s “virtual access” could be the IoT’s master key
Postscapes, 2015/09/30

C-Way kids’ wearable adapts as children grow
Postscapes, 2015/09/29

Concrete Sensors give the inside scoop on newly poured structures
Postscapes, 2015/09/28

Reemo addresses mobility challenges with gesture-based smart home control
Postscapes, 2015/09/28

Household Water Monitor: Oasys
Postscapes, 2015/09/24

Bluetooth Weight-Sensing Highchair: Smart Froc
Postscapes, 2015/09/21

Smart Landfill Gas Collection: Loci Controls
Postscapes, 2015/09/18

British government launches IoTUK program to coordinate Internet of Things development
Postscapes, 2015/09/17

IoT Mashup #004: Action at a Distance
Postscapes, 2015/09/16

Chicago urban data project Array of Things receives $3M NSF grant
Postscapes, 2015/09/14

Digital Physical Mixtapes: X-II
Postscapes, 2015/09/11

Crowdsourced Air Quality Data: Portable Environmental Monitor
Postscapes, 2015/09/09

Voice-Activated Home AI: Mycroft
Postscapes, 2015/09/08

Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning: SubPos
Postscapes, 2015/09/04

Link Labs closes $5.7M investment
Postscapes, 2015/09/03

Nonprofit IoT Infrastructure: The Things Network
Postscapes, 2015/09/01

Open-Source Soil Sensors: Vinduino
Postscapes, 2015/08/31

Kids’ DIY Smartwatch: O Watch
Postscapes, 2015/08/27

Factory Wearable: ProGlove
Postscapes, 2015/08/26

Bluetooth Development Board: LightBlue Bean+
Postscapes, 2015/08/25

Wi-Fi Exhaust System: Roush Active Exhaust
Postscapes, 2015/08/24

Community Smart Grid AC Control: coolNYC
Postscapes, 2015/08/21

Irrigation Soil Sensors: CropX
Postscapes, 2015/08/20

Internet of Trains: Bosch AMRA
Postscapes, 2015/08/19

Filament raises $5M to develop blockchain-based IoT networks
Postscapes, 2015/08/18

Crowdsourced Street Parking: Hi-Park
Postscapes, 2015/08/17

Hydraulic Hose Monitor: Eaton LifeSense
Postscapes, 2015/08/13

Open-Source Beacon Framework: Google’s Eddystone
Postscapes, 2015/08/12

Earthquake Detection & Warning Network: Brinco
Postscapes, 2015/08/11

Bluetooth Activity Tracker: Leaf
Postscapes, 2015/08/10

Wireless Solar Energy Certificate Adaptor: SunPort
Postscapes, 2015/08/07

Bastille raises $9M to secure the IoT
Postscapes, 2015/08/06

Second-Hand Smoke Detector: FreshAir Sensor
Postscapes, 2015/08/05

Ecovent closes $6.9M funding round
Postscapes, 2015/08/04

Device Software Management Platform: Resin.io
Postscapes, 2015/08/03

Foot Traffic Counter: Density
Postscapes, 2015/07/31

Carnegie Mellon to bring Google-funded IoT lab to campus
Postscapes, 2015/07/31

Retail Communications & Positioning: Theatro
Postscapes, 2015/07/30

Smartphone Medical Toolkit: CellScope
Postscapes, 2015/07/29

Personal Air Quality Sensor: Breathe
Postscapes, 2015/07/28

Quantified Public Space: Placemeter Sensor
Postscapes, 2015/07/27

IoT Device Discovery
Postscapes, 2015/07/23

IoT Cellular Development Kits
Postscapes, 2015/07/20

IoT Visual Programming Tools
Postscapes, 2015/07/17

IoT Plug-and-Play DIY Development Kits
Postscapes, 2015/07/16

Reality Editor is the user interface of the IoT’s dreams
Postscapes, 2015/07/15

Thread Group’s protocol is ready to tie connected products together
Postscapes, 2015/07/14

Wireless IoT Forum announces board members
Postscapes, 2015/07/13

Robotic Water Sensors: NUSwan
Postscapes, 2015/07/10

Programmable Friendship Bracelet: Jewelbots
Postscapes, 2015/07/09

Remote Home Healthcare Monitoring: Canary Care
Postscapes, 2015/07/07

Waste management sensor company Enevo collects $15.8M in funding
Postscapes, 2015/07/07

Wi-Fi Detecting Wearable: Hertzian Armor
Postscapes, 2015/07/02

Wireless Farming Sensors: Phytech
Postscapes, 2015/07/01

Wearable Voice Recorder: Myle Tap
Postscapes, 2015/07/01

Social Media Flowerpot: The Selfie Plant
Postscapes, 2015/06/30

Amazon to fund $100M in voice-activated apps, devices
Postscapes, 2015/06/30

This Insanely Hard, Self-Driving Robot Race Takes Place In A Parking Lot
Popular Science, 2015/06/27

Filament declares “device independence” for the IoT via private, long-range networks
Postscapes, 2015/06/26

Automatic raises $24M to connect cars to apps
Postscapes, 2015/06/26

LittleBits raises $44.2M to teach the world about the joys of electronics
Postscapes, 2015/06/25

Bluetooth Tire Pressure Sensors: Fobo Tire & Fobo Bike
Postscapes, 2015/06/25

Sierra Wireless to buy MobiquiThings for $15.7M
Postscapes, 2015/06/24

Wi-Fi Sprinkler Valve: Wise Orchard
Postscapes, 2015/06/23

Smart Evaporative AC Booster: Mistbox
Postscapes, 2015/06/22

Actility raises $25M to roll out long-range IoT networks
Postscapes, 2015/06/19

Smartwatch Gesture Control: Deus Ex Aria
Postscapes, 2015/06/18

DeWalt announces Bluetooth-connected power tool batteries
Postscapes, 2015/06/17

Solar-Powered Development Board: Autonomo
Postscapes, 2015/06/16

U.K. Innovation Center: Future Cities Catapult
Postscapes, 2015/06/16

Samsung backs Sigfox, adds compatibility to Artik platform
Postscapes, 2015/06/15

Smart Home Hazards Alarm: Halo
Postscapes, 2015/06/12

Brivo physical security platform bought for $50M
Postscapes, 2015/06/11

Leadership additions at Evrythng accompany $7.5M investment
Postscapes, 2015/06/11

Universal Smart Home Controller: Cube
Postscapes, 2015/06/10

Autonomous Home Security: Flare
Postscapes, 2015/06/10

Arduino-Compatible Indoor Positioning: Pozyx
Postscapes, 2015/06/09

Connected Family Interaction: The Ritual Machines
Postscapes, 2015/06/09

Google’s Project Soli puts touchless gesture control at your fingertips with tiny radar chip
Postscapes, 2015/06/08

Canary raises $30M in new funding
Postscapes, 2015/06/08

Home Energy Monitor: Hyko Bear
Postscapes, 2015/06/05

Soil Integrity Sensor Fabric: TenCate GeoDetect
Postscapes, 2015/06/04

Remote Care Design Fiction: Uninvited Guests
Postscapes, 2015/06/03

Google’s Project Jacquard brings touch to textiles
Postscapes, 2015/06/02

Sailing Race Sensor: Anemomind
Postscapes, 2015/06/02

Warehouse Safety Wearable: Kinetic
Postscapes, 2015/06/01

Connected Storytelling Device: StoryHome
Postscapes, 2015/06/01

Medical Storage Monitoring: PharmaWatch
Postscapes, 2015/05/29

Lego-Compatible Prototyping Kit: mCookie
Postscapes, 2015/05/29

That smart gadget you’ve always wanted, but nobody’s selling? Make it yourself with Nascent Objects
Postscapes, 2015/05/28

Google reveals Brillo OS and Weave connectivity schema for IoT devices
Postscapes, 2015/05/28

Notion raises $2M for home sensors
Postscapes, 2015/05/27

iRobot sees cartography as key to the smart home
Postscapes, 2015/05/26

Wi-Fi Indoor Air Quality Sensor: Foobot
Postscapes, 2015/05/23

Self-Tinting Windows: SageGlass
Postscapes, 2015/05/22

Industrial IoT platform GoFactory raises $2M
Postscapes, 2015/05/22

Bluetooth Infant Monitor: MonBaby
Postscapes, 2015/05/21

Wearable Wireless Storage: ReVault
Postscapes, 2015/05/20

Plug-and-Play IoT Hardware: Cubit
Postscapes, 2015/05/20

Samsara raises $25M for end-to-end industrial sensor platform
Postscapes, 2015/05/20

Bitcoin hardware start-up 21 wants to put “a miner in every device” — but should we?
Postscapes, 2015/05/19

Universal Gesture Remote: Nuimo
Postscapes, 2015/05/18

Connected Infant Mattress: Babybe
Postscapes, 2015/05/15

Bluetooth Development Board: Bluz
Postscapes, 2015/05/14

Data analytics firm mnubo raises $6M
Postscapes, 2015/05/14

Ubuntu-Powered Smart Fridge: ChillHub
Postscapes, 2015/05/13

Data-by-sound startup Chirp releases developer kit, starts crowdfunding
Postscapes, 2015/05/13

Samsung reveals Artik chip line for IoT devices
Postscapes, 2015/05/12

Learning Smart Outlet: Ottobox
Postscapes, 2015/05/12

Mode cloud platform launches with $775K
Postscapes, 2015/05/11

Smart Irrigation System: Koubachi
Postscapes, 2015/05/11

$9 Single-Board Computer: C.H.I.P.
Postscapes, 2015/05/08

Connected Kitchen Products
Postscapes, 2015/05/07

Machine Learning Design Fiction: Teacher of Algorithms
Postscapes, 2015/05/07

PTC to buy ColdLight for $105M
Postscapes, 2015/05/06

Modular Wi-Fi Development Board: Domino.IO
Postscapes, 2015/05/05

Grocery-Ordering Trash Bin: GeniCan
Postscapes, 2015/05/04

Smart Bike Pedal: Connected Cycle
Postscapes, 2015/05/04

Crowdsourced Visual Sensing: Zensors
Postscapes, 2015/05/01

Microsoft releases open-source libraries to make Windows 10 “Arduino Certified”
Postscapes, 2015/04/30

Medication Temperature Sensor: Insulin Angel
Postscapes, 2015/04/29

Smart Home System: Oomi
Postscapes, 2015/04/28

Government and the Internet of Things
Postscapes, 2015/04/24

Autonomous Connected Product Marketplaces: ADEPT
Postscapes, 2015/04/23

Beacon marketer Swirl raises $18M from Twitter Ventures, others
Postscapes, 2015/04/23

UniKey locks down $10M funding round
Postscapes, 2015/04/22

Thumbnail-Size Wearable Trackpad: NailO
Postscapes, 2015/04/21

European IoT alliance to create industry partnerships, guide policy and research
Postscapes, 2015/04/21

Wireless Multi-OS Development Board: UDOO Neo
Postscapes, 2015/04/20

RetailNext raises $125M with an eye toward acquisitions
Postscapes, 2015/04/20

Python-Programmable Development Board: WiPy
Postscapes, 2015/04/17

Movidius raises $40M to put the “eye” in IoT
Postscapes, 2015/04/16

JavaScript for Robots & IoT: Cylon.JS
Postscapes, 2015/04/14

Visualizing Urban Data: Sense Your City Data Art Challenge
Postscapes, 2015/04/12

Stick-Anywhere Bluetooth Camera: Podo
Postscapes, 2015/04/11

Repurposing Smartphones as IoT Hardware: JanOS
Postscapes, 2015/04/10

Open Source Smart Energy Monitor: emonPi
Postscapes, 2015/04/06

Cheap WiFi Development Module: ESP8266
Postscapes, 2015/04/02

Cisco, Bosch, ABB join forces on open smart home venture
Postscapes, 2015/04/02

Seamless IoT accelerator launched
Postscapes, 2015/03/31

WiFi IoT Prototyping Board: Onion Omega
Postscapes, 2015/03/31

August locks down $38M in Series B funding
Postscapes, 2015/03/30

Facebook’s mobile app platform Parse opens up to the IoT
Postscapes, 2015/03/26

Retrofit Smart Home Roundup
Postscapes, 2015/03/20

Retrofit Smart Light: Switchmate
Postscapes, 2015/03/19

Connected Mining
Postscapes, 2015/03/13

Amazon reportedly to acquire 2lemetry
Postscapes, 2015/03/12

Retrofit Smart Lock: Sesame
Postscapes, 2015/03/10

Student Wireless Sensor Platform: PocketLab
Postscapes, 2015/03/10

IoT Data Semantic Storage: Wolfram Data Drop
Postscapes, 2015/03/09

Long-Range Wireless IoT Protocol: LoRa
Postscapes, 2015/03/06

JavaScript IoT Development Board: Tessel 2
Postscapes, 2015/03/06

Connected Commuter Bike: Valour
Postscapes, 2015/03/05

WiFi MAC Tracking: The Walls Have Eyes
Postscapes, 2015/03/04

Real-Time Remote Excavation
Postscapes, 2015/03/03

Printed NFC Bottle Labels: Diageo Smart Bottles
Postscapes, 2015/03/03

NXP, Freescale merging to form $40B chip giant
Postscapes, 2015/03/02

HP to buy Aruba Networks for $2.7B
Postscapes, 2015/03/02

Cloud Connected Toys: CogniToys Dino
Postscapes, 2015/02/27

Connected Device Dashboards: Sid Lee Paris Office
Postscapes, 2015/02/26

WiFi Keg Monitoring: KegData
Postscapes, 2015/02/26

Cellular IoT Development Kit: Electron
Postscapes, 2015/02/25

Space-Time Insight raises $8M investment round
Postscapes, 2015/02/25

Global Location Device: iTraq
Postscapes, 2015/02/25

Cellular connectivity startup Konekt raises $1.3M
Postscapes, 2015/02/24

Bluetooth Measurement Jars: Neo
Postscapes, 2015/02/23

Wireless Calving Alert Sensors: Moocall
Postscapes, 2015/02/19

WiFi Cold Storage Monitoring: Traxx EKG
Postscapes, 2015/02/19

Smart Enterprise Noise Sensors: Quietyme
Postscapes, 2015/02/17

Internet of Things Development Hub: OpenPi
Postscapes, 2015/02/13

IoT Index Survey #001
Postscapes, 2015/02/13

Connected Car Safety Device: Carvi
Postscapes, 2015/02/13

British Gas buys home automation platform AlertMe for $100M
Postscapes, 2015/02/13

Stellvertreter Shoes
Postscapes, 2015/02/12

Sigfox raises $115M to expand “things”-only cellular network
Postscapes, 2015/02/11

Open-Source Connected Living: Casa Jasmina
Postscapes, 2015/02/10

Breed Reply incubator invests in Cocoon, BrainControl, Greeniant
Postscapes, 2015/02/10

Personalized Connected Manufacturing: ROBOCHOP
Postscapes, 2015/02/10

Sight Machine raises $5M for factory analytics
Postscapes, 2015/02/09

ARM buys Offspark, adds security protocol to mbed IoT platform
Postscapes, 2015/02/09

IoT Development Platform: ARM mbed
Postscapes, 2015/02/06

Smart DIY Hardware Apps: Blynk
Postscapes, 2015/02/06

Plug-and-Play IoT Platform: Flotilla
Postscapes, 2015/02/05

Second-gen Raspberry Pi runs Ubuntu, Windows 10
Postscapes, 2015/02/04

Silicon Labs buys Bluegiga for $61M
Postscapes, 2015/02/04

Facebook piloting location-aware “Place Tips” in NYC
Postscapes, 2015/02/03

Crowdsourced “Moral” Machines: Ethical Things
Postscapes, 2015/02/03

Intel to buy Lantiq as it looks ahead to the connected home
Postscapes, 2015/02/02

WiFi Mattress Cover: Luna
Postscapes, 2015/02/02

Bluetooth-Connected Insoles: Stridalyzer
Postscapes, 2015/01/30

Smart Well Monitoring: WellIntel
Postscapes, 2015/01/29

IoT Machine Vision: OpenMV Cam
Postscapes, 2015/01/29

Intel’s Wearable Computing Module: Curie
Postscapes, 2015/01/28

FTC IoT report released
Postscapes, 2015/01/28

Connected WiFi Typewriter: Hemingwrite
Postscapes, 2015/01/28

IoT Mashup #003: Wearable Drone Control
Postscapes, 2015/01/27

Ringly raises $5.1M to blur the line between tech and fashion
Postscapes, 2015/01/27

WiFi and Cellular Serial Modules: Prickz
Postscapes, 2015/01/27

All-Day Bluetooth Health Patch: AmpStrip
Postscapes, 2015/01/26

2014/15 IoT Award Winners
Postscapes, 2015/01/26

Home Bluetooth Sensors: Clime
Postscapes, 2015/01/26

Bluetooth-Enabled Tape Measure: eTape16
Postscapes, 2015/01/23

Wi-Fi Aware Proximity Discovery
Postscapes, 2015/01/23

IoT security startup Bastille raises $2.5M
Postscapes, 2015/01/23

IoT Development Board: AirBoard
Postscapes, 2015/01/21

Connected Home Product Toolkit: Lelylan
Postscapes, 2015/01/21

PureLifi raises $2.3M to develop light-based wireless communication
Postscapes, 2015/01/21

Ubuntu Internet of Things OS: Snappy Core
Postscapes, 2015/01/20

IoTivity seeks open-source standard for Internet of Things
Postscapes, 2015/01/20

Sierra Wireless buys Wireless Maingate for $90M
Postscapes, 2015/01/20

Bluetooth Planter: Parrot Pot
Postscapes, 2015/01/19

Blockchains and the Internet of Things
Postscapes, 2015/01/17

Wearable Wireless Thermometer: TempTraq
Postscapes, 2015/01/16

Smart Battery Alarm: Roost
Postscapes, 2015/01/15

Eclipse Foundation challenges IoT designers to build with open standards
Postscapes, 2015/01/15

Connected Device Privacy: Silent Pocket
Postscapes, 2015/01/14

Reps Issa, DelBene want to teach Congress about the IoT
Postscapes, 2015/01/14

Wireless Smart Outlet Security: Brio
Postscapes, 2015/01/13

Multifunction Smart Lighting: Pulse
Postscapes, 2015/01/13

Smart HVAC System: Ecovent
Postscapes, 2015/01/13

Quantified Farming: Farmobile
Postscapes, 2015/01/12

Social Safety Wearable: Vive
Postscapes, 2015/01/09

Bluetooth Stethoscope: Stethee
Postscapes, 2015/01/09

2lemetry raises $4M, launches app to link IoT data with Salesforce
Postscapes, 2015/01/09

Smartphone-Enabled Lawnmower: Robomow
Postscapes, 2015/01/08

Ones and Zeroes: Binairy Talk
Postscapes, 2015/01/08

The Internet of Things takes center stage at CES
Postscapes, 2015/01/08

Wireless Water Shutoff: Water Hero
Postscapes, 2015/01/07

Connected Sports Sensors: Zepp Motion
Postscapes, 2015/01/06

Wireless Biometric Patch: HealthPatch MD
Postscapes, 2015/01/06

Running Analytics Wearable: RunScribe
Postscapes, 2015/01/06

Voting opens for 2014 IoT Awards
Postscapes, 2015/01/05

Bluetooth Padlock: Noke
Postscapes, 2015/01/05

Remote Interaction: Saying Things That Can’t Be Said
Postscapes, 2015/01/05

Smart Tank Monitoring: TankScan
Postscapes, 2015/01/02

Smart Urban Furniture: Soofa
Postscapes, 2015/01/02


2014 Timeline: Internet of Things Large Companies
Postscapes, 2014/12/19

Cryptotronix, TilePay want to let devices sell their own data
Postscapes, 2014/12/18

Ambient Weather Displays: Uniform’s “Weather Systems”
Postscapes, 2014/12/18

Internet of Things Machine Learning: Neuron
Postscapes, 2014/12/18

Conference Analytics: Loopd Bluetooth Badge
Postscapes, 2014/12/16

Bluetooth “Physical Web” Devices: Blesh Beacons
Postscapes, 2014/12/16

Google offering research grants for an open “Web of Things”
Postscapes, 2014/12/15

Kids’ Bluetooth Smartwatch: Jumpy
Postscapes, 2014/12/15

Wireless Smart Dog Devices
Postscapes, 2014/12/12

WiFi Water Heater: Heatworks Model 1
Postscapes, 2014/12/12

IoT connectivity startup Helium raises $16M, adds Chandhok as president
Postscapes, 2014/12/11

WiFi Air Conditioner: Ambi Climate
Postscapes, 2014/12/11

Connected Sprinkler Controller: Blossom
Postscapes, 2014/12/10

Wearable Air Quality Sensor: Tzoa
Postscapes, 2014/12/10

Bluetooth Action Buttons: Flic
Postscapes, 2014/12/09

Connected Home Ecosystem: Wink
Postscapes, 2014/12/05

Connected WiFi Shopping Device: Hiku
Postscapes, 2014/12/05

Program a White House holiday lightshow with Made With Code
Postscapes, 2014/12/05

Long-Range IoT Communication Hardware: Whisker
Postscapes, 2014/12/04

Veniam raises $5M to deliver the “Internet of moving things”
Postscapes, 2014/12/03

Misfit Wearables raises $40M with an eye on Asia
Postscapes, 2014/12/03

Smart Public Spaces: Strawberry Tree
Postscapes, 2014/11/21

Global Real-Time Asset Tracking: Spire
Postscapes, 2014/11/20

Groupon acquires Swarm Mobile
Postscapes, 2014/11/19

IoT Application Prototyping Hardware: Thingsee One
Postscapes, 2014/11/17

City Environmental Sensors: Array of Things
Postscapes, 2014/11/13

KORE acquires RacoWireless
Postscapes, 2014/11/12

Audio Smart Home Security: Point
Postscapes, 2014/11/11

Connected E-Paper Displays: Visionect
Postscapes, 2014/11/10

WiFi Sound Security: Cocoon
Postscapes, 2014/11/07

Micro Connected Display: Mono
Postscapes, 2014/11/06

Connected Bluetooth Shoes: Dorothy
Postscapes, 2014/11/04

Retrofit Smart Safety Alarm: Leeo
Postscapes, 2014/11/03

Modular Cellular Sensor Platform: Thinking Things
Postscapes, 2014/11/03

Solar-Powered Connected Blinds: Rise
Postscapes, 2014/10/31

Connected Respiratory Trainer: Alvio
Postscapes, 2014/10/30

3D-Printed Digital Identities: SnowShoe Stamps
Postscapes, 2014/10/29

Keen Home raises $1.5M seed round
Postscapes, 2014/10/29

New round of IoT startups joins RGA-Techstars accelerator
Postscapes, 2014/10/27

Nest acquisition Revolv does a 180
Postscapes, 2014/10/27

Citizen Wireless Air Quality Monitoring: AirBeam
Postscapes, 2014/10/24

WiFi Propane Remote Monitoring: Tank Utility
Postscapes, 2014/10/24

Movement-Tracking Bluetooth Wearables: Boogio
Postscapes, 2014/10/23

Digital-Physical Learning Blocks: Construkts
Postscapes, 2014/10/23

Connected OLED Prototype Screen: TinyScreen
Postscapes, 2014/10/22

Personal server software UBOS lets users run their own clouds, control their own data
Postscapes, 2014/10/22

SmartFocus brings digital marketing to the IoT
Postscapes, 2014/10/16

Multi-Sensor Home Monitoring: Notion
Postscapes, 2014/10/15

Qualcomm to buy CSR for $2.5B
Postscapes, 2014/10/15

Wearable Bluetooth Development Board: MetaWear
Postscapes, 2014/10/14

High-End Smart Lighting: Sentido
Postscapes, 2014/10/10

Smart Avalanche Probe: AvaTech SP1
Postscapes, 2014/10/09

Google’s “Physical Web” suggests URLs, not apps, are the future of the Internet of Things
Postscapes, 2014/10/08

Temboo adds IoT support for TI’s Launchpad
Postscapes, 2014/10/07

DIY IoT Connected Electronics Kit: SAM
Postscapes, 2014/10/03

Industrial Smart Helmet: DAQRI
Postscapes, 2014/10/01

GPS Visualizations: Satellite Lamps
Postscapes, 2014/09/29

Plug-and-Play DIY IoT Kit: Verve 2
Postscapes, 2014/09/26

Expandable Smart Home Hub: Stack Box
Postscapes, 2014/09/25

Relayr raises $2.3M in seed round to develop cloud platform for sensor data
Postscapes, 2014/09/24

Huawei to build Cambridge IoT center around recent acquisition Neul
Postscapes, 2014/09/24

Placemeter raises $6M to quantify public space
Postscapes, 2014/09/22

IoT Web Hardware Prototyping Platform: WeIO
Postscapes, 2014/09/18

Jawbone sleep data demonstrates unexpected uses of IoT data
Postscapes, 2014/09/17

Physical Consumer Analytics: Scanalytics SoleSensor
Postscapes, 2014/09/16

Smart DIY Prototyping Kit: cloudBit
Postscapes, 2014/09/11

Smart Home Voice Recognition Robot: Jibo
Postscapes, 2014/09/10

Dell announces Silicon Valley IoT lab
Postscapes, 2014/09/09

Wireless Light Tracker: SunSprite
Postscapes, 2014/09/09

Bluetooth Proximity Home Automation: Airfy
Postscapes, 2014/09/08

Wireless Home Tracking: Withings Home
Postscapes, 2014/09/05

IFTTT raises $30M in series B round to pursue full IoT platform play
Postscapes, 2014/09/02

Startupbootcamp says ‘hola’ to Barcelona with new IoT accelerator
Postscapes, 2014/08/28

Wireless Moisture Sensors & Irrigation Controller: Eve
Postscapes, 2014/08/27

WiFi Gas & Carbon Monoxide Detector: Kepler
Postscapes, 2014/08/21

RasPi IoT Development Kit: ThingBox
Postscapes, 2014/08/19

WiFi Light Socket: Ember
Postscapes, 2014/08/19

Real-Time NFL Player Tracking: Zebra MotionWorks
Postscapes, 2014/08/18

Samsung acquires SmartThings for $200M
Postscapes, 2014/08/14

Electric Imp announces $15M series B round
Postscapes, 2014/08/13

WiFi Home Energy Monitoring: Smappee
Postscapes, 2014/08/04

WiFi Smart Sleep Tracker: Sense
Postscapase, 2014/07/31

Public Sensor Commons: The Right to Flight
Postscapes, 2014/07/29

PTC buys IoT platform provider Axeda for $170M
Postscapes, 2014/07/28

Long-Range Private Communication: Gotenna
Postscapes, 2014/07/23

Reply SpA invests $5M in Sensoria
Postscapes, 2014/07/22

Open Source Wireless Garden Kits: Cooking Hacks’ Open Garden
Postscapes, 2014/07/21

Honeywell’s Smart Thermostat: Lyric
Postscapes, 2014/07/18

Open Interconnect Consortium seeks standard for IoT interoperability
Postscapes, 2014/07/17

Thread Group joins the race to be the unifying IoT protocol
Postscapes, 2014/07/17

Internet Action Interface: bttn
Postscapes, 2014/07/16

Home Wireless Energy Monitoring Outlet: Smart-Me
Postscapes, 2014/07/15

Bluetooth Beacon Office Management: Robin
Postscapes, 2014/07/11

WiFi Connected Art Frame: Electric Objects’ EO1
Postscapes, 2014/07/10

Spark Labs raises $4.2M in series A funding
Postscapes, 2014/07/09

Atmel to buy Newport Media for $170M
Postscapes, 2014/07/09

Nest buys Dropcam
Postscapes, 2014/07/04

LIFX raises $12M series A round from Sequoia Capital
Postscapes, 2014/07/04

Smart Air Conditioner Device: Sensibo
Postscapes, 2014/07/03

Weather Connected Lights: Fabrica’s Patch of Sky
Postscapes, 2014/07/01

Bluetooth Weather Sensor: StormTag
Postscapes, 2014/06/28

Indoor Smart Hydroponic System: Niwa
Postscapes, 2014/06/26

Bluetooth Breathing Device: Spire
Postscapes, 2014/06/25

Solar-Powered Wifi Garden Sensor: Edyn
Postscapes, 2014/06/21

Bluetooth Smart Mug: Vessyl
Postscapes, 2014/06/19

Universal Smart Home System: Homey
Postscapes, 2014/06/18

Braille Interface Navigation: BlindMaps
Postscapes, 2014/06/13

Smart AC Controller Unit: Tado
Postscapes, 2014/06/12

Smartphone Enabled Access: Kisi
Postscapes, 2014/06/10

Home Security System: Korner
Postscapes, 2014/06/04

Wearable Fertility Thermometer: Tempdrop
Postscapes, 2014/06/02

Social Picture Frame: Famatic
Postscapes, 2014/05/29

Plugin-Powered API: Crowsnest
Postscapes, 2014/05/27

Flood Beacon
Postscapes, 2014/05/24

Augmented Reality Games
Postscapes, 2014/05/22

Smart Tennis Accessory: Challenger
Postscapes, 2014/05/19

Smart Cooking Devices
Postscapes, 2014/05/15

Smart Glasses for Warehouses: SmartPick
Postscapes, 2014/05/14

MindRider Seeks Beta-Testers, Gears Up For Crowdfunding
Postscapes, 2014/05/13

Surveillance Provocateurs: Conversnitch
Postscapes, 2014/05/12

Ayla Networks raises $14.5M in Series B funding
Postscapes, 2014/05/06

LogMeIn buys Ionia for $12M
Postscapes, 2014/05/06

How secure is the IoT? Find out next week in Boston
Postscapes, 2014/05/02

IoT Week Boston to highlight innovation, security, technologies for world of connected objects
Postscapes, 2014/05/02

Bluetooth Enabled Sunglasses: Tzukuri
Postscapes, 2014/05/01

Evrythng raises $7M in Series A round
Postscapes, 2014/04/30

Internet Enabled Clock: Superclock
Postscapes, 2014/04/30

Citizen Flood Detection Network
Postscapes, 2014/04/29

IoT Prototyping Construction Kit: Kinoma
Postscapes, 2014/04/28

Flexible Wearable Computing Platform: Printoo
Postscapes, 2014/04/24

Jasper secures $50 million in growth financing round
Postscapes, 2014/04/21

Predictive IoT platform provider Neura raises $2 million in funding
Postscapes, 2014/04/19

Wearable Computing Platform: BITalino
Postscapes, 2014/04/18

Wi-Fi Shopping Wand: Dash
Postscapes, 2014/04/16

Bluetooth Gesture Control: Ring
Postscapes, 2014/04/15

Simple Smart Thermostat: KumoStat
Postscapes, 2014/04/12

Interactive Public Space: Unnumbered Sparks
Postscapes, 2014/04/10

Trash Can Recycling Monitor: BinCam
Postscapes, 2014/04/09

Wireless cattle tracker provider Silent Herdsman raises £3M
Postscapes, 2014/04/03

Tech giants join forces to create industrial IoT standards
Postscapes, 2014/03/28

Hardware incubator Lemnos announces $20M investment fund
Postscapes, 2014/03/27

Bluetooth Wireless Tag: XY Tag
Postscapes, 2014/03/25

IoT start-up MachineShop raises $3M
Postscapes, 2014/03/21

O’Reilly discusses state of IoT
Postscapes, 2014/03/14

UK to provide $75 million in funding for Internet of Things technologies
Postscapes, 2014/03/09

Voice Controlled Smart Home System: Ubi
Postscapes, 2014/03/07

Canary raises $10 million in new investments
Postscapes, 2014/03/06

Telepresence Robots
Postscapes, 2014/03/05

IoT Mashups #002: Armband Controllers
Postscapes, 2014/03/03

Cisco offers $300K in prizes to secure the Internet of Things
Postscapes, 2014/02/28

IoT Mashups #001: Bluetooth Brains
Postscapes, 2014/02/27

Smart Sensors Earbuds: Dash
Postscapes, 2014/02/26

Ambient Data Lighting Displays
Postscapes, 2014/02/24

Bluetooth Hotel Smart Keys
Postscapes, 2014/02/20

RFID Smart Gun Systems
Postscapes, 2014/02/19

BLN wants to hear your pitch at IoT14
Postscapes, 2014/02/15

Pick and Play: Qleek
Postscapes, 2014/02/13

Smart Fire Extinguishers: en-Gauge
Postscapes, 2014/02/12

Bitcoin Retail Price Tags: BitTag
Postscapes, 2014/02/11

Bluetooth Beacon Handbook
Postscapes, 2014/02/04

Internet of Things Privacy Threats and Countermeasures
Postscapes, 2014/02/02

Location-Aware Music: Bluebrain
Postscapes, 2014/01/31

Shark Monitoring System
Postscapes, 2014/01/24

Stress Mapping Helmet: MindRider
Postscapes, 2014/01/23

Open Source Smart Thermostat from the Spark Core Team
Postscapes, 2014/01/22

Wrangling Connected Data: Wolfram and Thingful
Postscapes, 2014/01/20

Connected and Social E-Cigarette: Smokio
Postscapes, 2014/01/16

Smart Air Monitor: Birdi
Postscapes, 2014/01/15

Wearable Camera: meMINI
Postscapes, 2014/01/14

Edison Development Board
Postscapes, 2014/01/10

Wireless Sleep Sensors: Withings Aura
Postscapes, 2014/01/08

Wireless Heating/Cooling Vent: Keen
Postscapes, 2014/01/07

Bluetooth Smart Thermometer: Tempo
Postscapes, 2014/01/06

Pedal Assist Bluetooth Sensor: Copenhagen Wheel
Postscapes, 2014/01/02


ThingWorks bought by PTC for $112M
Postscapes, 2013/12/30

Museum Analytics: Enso Platform
Postscapes, 2013/12/20

Connected Home Sensors: Mother
Postscapes, 2013/12/18

Bluetooth Safety Device: BiiSafe Buddy
Postscapes, 2013/12/14

Universal Smart Home Hub: Homee
Postscapes, 2013/12/10

Physical Digital Display: inFORM
Postscapes, 2013/12/09

Long-Lasting Wireless Sensors: Owl Platform
Postscapes, 2013/12/06

Bluetooth Food Scanner: TellSpec
Postscapes, 2013/12/06

Kids’ GPS Watch: Filip
Postscapes, 2013/12/05

Tiny Bluetooth Development Board: Cortado
Postscapes, 2013/12/05

FTC workshop considers privacy, security on the Internet of Things
Postscapes, 2013/11/23

Wireless River Sensors: Intelligent River
Postscapes, 2013/11/22

WiFi Home Sensors: Spotter
Postscapes, 2013/11/21

Home Environmental Sensors: Ninja Sphere
Postscapes, 2013/11/20

SmartThings gets $12.5M funding boost
Postscapes, 2013/11/12


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DIY Willy Wonka Turns Home Into Chocolate Factory
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When Flu Pandemics Hit, Closing Schools Can Slow Spread
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